Time for change…. do you need help to take that next step forward?

If there is anything the last 12 months has taught us it’s that as humans, we are adaptable and resilient to all manner of threats. The pandemic has impacted all of us and some of those impacts have led us to question how we spend our days; working, looking after ourselves and our families and also how we relate to and help others.

Some of us have really questioned our relationship with work, our job or career.

Maybe your work relationship has become dysfunctional, maybe you have just fallen out of love with what you do, or maybe you just want a change of direction, or a better balance in your life and how you spend your time.

Others have had unplanned change forced upon them through redundancy or their own business has sadly had to close. These are all real scenarios.

It’s a time to reflect, re-focus and re-energise ourselves.

During my own reflections it became apparent to me that some people need help in uncovering what they want from their career.

I have informally been helping colleagues, friends and family with career coaching for many years and so while chatting with Steve Halsall an old friend and former business partner, we decided to create Red Tiger Coaching.

Our aim is to help people clarify what career success really looks like and what a healthy relationship with work could be.

But is coaching really for me? Of course it is! Coaching is for everyone!

Coaching is for anyone who feels they need support, direction and guidance to achieve change and improve their situation. Working with a coach will help you benchmark where you are, identify your options and help you create a clear a plan of action of how you could achieve your ambitions.

However, we all know a plan is just words on paper without activity and accountability. Your coach will support and guide you to create that accountability as you make progress towards your objectives.

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of coaching and how it could help you clear the fog and set you on a personal and professional path for success, please email me on andy@redtigerconsulting.co.uk to arrange a free, no obligation Clarity meeting with one of our coaches.

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Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson

Andy works in the Coaching team at Red Tiger Consulting. He is also Chairman of Anytime Fitness UK & Ireland and has seen the business grown to 172 clubs, 100 franchisees and 200,000 members since starting in 2010. Prior to Anytime Fitness he worked in retail, leisure and commercial property development, providing business services in consumer behavioural analysis and analytical data systems.

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One thought on “Time for change…. do you need help to take that next step forward?”

  1. It took me years to discover the benefits of coaching for myself but I can’t say enough how much it’s helped me this year. Especially a single freelancer who can spend far too much time alone, particularly in current times. Find the right coach and there’s no stopping you!

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