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Steve Halsall

Steve is the founder of Red Tiger Consulting. He has worked in Location Planning for over 20 years – both on the consultancy side and client side. His passion is building successful teams that evolve their capability (skills, software and data) to meet the ever changing requirements of analysis.

In his spare time he is mainly kept busy with his two children, falling in and out of love with Liverpool FC and at some point he wants to re-start his golfing ‘career’.

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+44 (0)7979 756 257
Paul Profile


Paul Halsall

Paul is leading Red Tiger Talent. His experience also lies in Location Planning and Mapping but more recently within Business Management, working internationally on a variety of accounts. His headhunting and team management skills are being used to source talent in our specialist areas and help clients to build successful and sustainable teams to improve their business.

Running and dog walking help keep Paul sane, as he is the only bloke in a family of five girls. He one day hopes to extend his talent sourcing skills to finding the winning team for Liverpool FC.

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+44(0)7918 653 877
Vic Profile

Vic Halsall

Vic heads up the marketing at Red Tiger Consulting. With over 13 years working for a major utility company Vic brings experience in business management, HR, training as well as marketing and social media. Vic sees her job as connecting with potential clients and interacting with them so that Red Tiger Consulting can facilitate clients getting to where they want to be as a business or in their career.

In her free time, Vic enjoys yoga, to help her stay calm when the kids are arguing, and is always on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – claiming that she is working!

Contact me:

+44(0)7843 258 129