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Whether it is independent advice about software or data needs or the need to outsource an analytics project we can ensure you get the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

Develop your Analytics Tool Kit

Red Tiger Consulting can provide a wealth of support to clients wishing to develop their analytics toolkit

Project Delivery

We assemble first class teams of consultants to support your projects

Developing your Analytics Tool kit

Red Tiger Consulting can provide a wealth of support to clients wishing to develop their analytics toolkit. We advise clients who are new to analytics as well as work with experienced clients who seek a second opinion.  Our team have a wealth of experience, and our no nonsense, independent approach will deliver significant added value. In cases where we don’t have specific expertise we will be able to bring the right people into the team to support your requirement. 

Example projects to date include: 

Replacing a range of legacy software tools (from acquired businesses) with a single desktop solution deployed across a multi user, multi function team

Supporting an International management consultancy with sourcing data to build their analytics capability


Running a pilot project for a management consultancy to assess new cloud GIS technology as a potential replacement for their legacy desktop software

Advice on data sources for a location planning a project

Sourcing benchmark statistics for a major retail thought leadership piece for a global management consultancy

Supporting a US Location Planning practice with advice on what data is required to build a UK analytics capability to support new store roll out

Benchmarking the capability (data, software, people) of an existing team to other ‘best in class’ operations and providing clear areas of peak practice and identification of areas for improvement

Project Delivery

We have worked on a number of projects over the last few years to provide location planning expertise to clients who don’t possess the ability (data, technology and people) to deliver in house.  We assemble a first class team of contractors to support these projects. 


Projects Include:

A multi country (UK, Germany and US) store performance review and store development strategy for an international personal care brand

A strategic review of the London portfolio of a major f&b brand

Work in support of continued expansion of a major Garden Centre chain

Analytics in support of a CVA involving a major global comparison goods brand

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