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Red Tiger Consulting was founded in January 2015 and has built a strong reputation in the analytics market. Our founding ethos is all around developing exceptional people to have fulfilling and rewarding careers.

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Management Consultancy, West London

Occupier, North of England

Occupier, North of England

Management Consultancy, West London



“I would highly recommend Steve and Paul from Red Tiger Talent. They both are extremely friendly, open and listened to my requirements. With their expert knowledge of the sector and the role, the recruitment process was very smooth. I never felt unsure on the next steps as they always provided excellent updates. Thank you.”


“I had a very positive experience working with Red Tiger Talent. Steve is very knowledgeable about the industry and was involved throughout the entire process. I appreciated his guidance and willingness to answer any questions I had along the way. I’m very pleased in my new role and I would highly recommend Ted Tiger Talent!”




“to be the go-to organisation that coaches people to rediscover their confidence and self-belief, to create a positive mindset and realise their potential to develop and grow themselves.”


What To Do When Your Current Role is Your Greatest Stress

This blog post follows my previous on on spotting the signs of stress, and looks at exploring your current role to see if that the reason behind your stress. I also cover advice on what to look for in a new role if you do decide to move on. In my...

How Can Coaching Help You Achieve Your Potential?

July 2022 marks the start of my 28th year of full-time working since completing my studies. As I reflect on my career to date, I have met and worked with some great people, seen many highs and some lows and had some great fun along the way.  We...

What Is Full Potential and Why Aren’t You Reaching It?

It's a popular career goal for the ambitious professionals amongst us, to be regularly achieving that next level of success and thriving at your full potential. Often cited in performance reviews and discussions with colleagues is the idea of...

Understanding Your Zone Of Peak Performance to Succeed

As a Master Strengthscope Practitioner, I have access to many models, theories, and frameworks to support clients’ understanding of their personal strengths profile. Zone of Peak Performance Model, Strengthscope My favourite of all, and the one I...

How To Spot Stress and 8 Types of Self-Care

Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. Before learning how to spot stress, it's important to know that there is good and bad stress: Good stress, or eustress,...


April Fool's Day is the perfect time to play a funny prank or joke on those around you without fearing any (serious) consequences to your humour - it is the annual custom after all! From harmless gags to intensely thought-out pranks (we're...
International Women's Day: Inspirational Women Break The Bias


March 8th 2022 marks International Women's Day, with this year's campaign theme of #BreakTheBias. "Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, action is needed to level...


On March 3rd 2022 it is the 25th anniversary of World Book Day! The core mission of World Book Day is to promote reading for pleasure and particularly, changing children's lives through a love of books and shared reading. As an avid reader myself...
Two people sat at a table, looking through a person's CV.


In my 27 years of business and 5 years in recruiting in the insight and analytics world I have never seen a market like the one we are currently experiencing. It seems to be an imperfect storm for hiring talent – with too few candidates and...
A man and woman at work writing on a flipchart.


As a university graduate looking to secure their first role and kickstart their career, the thought of breaking into an industry without really understanding your strengths and how you perform best can be a bit daunting. How can you know if the...


The Great Resignation is an idea first floated by Professor Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University that predicts a large number of people leaving their jobs after the COVID pandemic ends.  This phenomenon seems to have some grounding, but...


Have you set yourself a New Years Resolution to 'read more' in 2022 or a goal of x amount of books? You're not alone - it's perhaps one of the most common resolutions each year, and some of us at Red Tiger are exactly the same (Ruth wants to...


We have reached that time again where one year comes to a close and we look ahead to how we can make the new year better in some way, setting goals or resolutions to try and conquer in the next 12 months. It is also a great time to reflect on how...


On the Yorkshire Dales Mighty Hike 2021 for Macmillan Cancer Support 2021 has been quite the year for everyone, with lots of ups and downs (many of which being related to a certain pandemic). Determined to end the year on a positive note however,...

Salary Survey 2022!

There are only a few weeks to go until we release our 4th Bi-Annual Location Planning & Customer Insight Practitioners' Survey of Salary and Benefits, supported by the Society for Location Analysis. Be sure to keep an eye out in your inbox...

Our Christmas Eve Traditions

Murphy getting into the festive spirit... With Christmas Eve being only a week away (how quickly has December flown!), we thought it would be fun for each of the Red Tiger staff to share any traditions they have on that day. Christmas Eve...

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

I wrote this blog having not touched my LinkedIn profile for probably the best part of 6 months. I have to ask myself - why is that? I probably speak for circa 90% of people in that I don't have it high up my priority list. However it is one of...

My First Week Working at Red Tiger!

A few weeks into officially working for Red Tiger Talent as the business admin and marketing assistant, now feels like an ideal time to share how I came to work here and my first week's experience. After graduating from the University of Leeds with...
data analytics

Current Roles in Insight and Sales

We have a number of exciting new insight and sales job vacancies at the moment. Scroll down the page to see the job descriptions. Insight Roles Senior Insight Manager, Central London, UK Commercial Property Investor Exciting senior opportunity to...

Research Manager, London, Real Estate

Reporting to two senior partners, the role relies on strong up to date knowledge of UK economic issues and the UK real estate market. This includes knowledge of UK real estate practices and familiarity with key markets and sectors in order to produce regular formal reporting and other key research-based reports for investors and potential investors to support the investment strategies. The role requires
working closely with the Partners to support all existing investment activities and new business

researchers and analysts

Insight Manager

The company are undergoing profound structural change. Today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities require inspirational solutions, grounded in data and experience. The Researchand Analytics team produce proprietary research, putting data at...
woman caring for old man

I’ve got so much to do and not enough time, so much to lose, I’m losing my mind.

The last few years has made me question my mortality on an increasingly regular basis. My morbid thoughts are caused by a combination of factors. It’s something to do with my feet being firmly planted in middle age (with the big 5-0 just around the...

Too Close to the Coalface to See the Bigger Picture

I write this blog off the back of a recent team call we had at Red Tiger Coaching. We were discussing potential transition coaching clients and I reflected back to the days when I was a Business Director at BT, went to a new role and immediately...
Southport Market

The future looks bright for our seaside town

Being a geographer, location planner and living back in my hometown of Southport, I thought I would share some of the great developments that are happening to revive our seaside town.

Group of workers in office sharing ideas

Working 9-5, what a way to make a living

Are you finding working from home difficult? Hard to motivate yourself? Or are you craving the company of your colleagues, business meetings and the space commuting gives you. Read Steve’s latest observations on the working lifestyles he sees from talking to candidates and clients.

2021 resolutions

Revisiting our 2021 Objectives

We thought we’d take a look at the objectives and goals we set at the beginning of this year to see how we’ve been getting on. So here goes, highlighted in Green are the objectives we’ve smashed! In Amber, the ones we’re working on and in Red the ones that we’ve stalled and need to review!

complex data decisions

It’s a data driven world!

Throughout my career I have worked in roles where I’ve helped companies make business decisions based on data and information and I now place people in such roles. As we face the most challenging era of our generation, I have been really interested to see how data is being used to try and manage the COVID situation.

Steve and his Mum

Dementia Action Week: A Cause Very Close to my Heart

This week is Dementia Action Week. Did you know that there are over 850,000 people currently living with Dementia in the UK? Are you aware that Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer? Do you know that Dementia is not just a disease of the elderly?

What I learnt on the Excel for Analytics training course…

Our Excel training courses are extremely helpful and informative in order to develop your skills in using Excel. Our apprentice Meg has written about how she feels she has benefitted from the course.

Man hand shake

‘Gizza job’ and fresh hope on the horizon

Although news of unemployment is worrying and 2020 has been challenging for us and many other businesses, things are looking positive for next year.

Having a portfolio career

What is a portfolio career? Is it easy to get one? In this blog we hear from Ruth who found herself juggling a portfolio career by accident and now loves the variation, challenges and flexibility it gives her.


Lockdown 2.0 feels worse than Lockdown 1.0 but what can you do about it (Top 5 Tips)?

Eight months ago (at the time of writing this) we were at the very beginning of the pandemic and the widespread disruption that COVID-19 brought with it. This blog looks at the differences between Lockdown 1.0 and Lockdown 2.0 and what you can do to build resilience. Back in Lockdown 1.0 (LD1) we had hope, we had the summer ahead and personally I had miles of cycling in my legs. Cycling was great, no cars on the roads, fantastic weather, and a Mallorca triathlon in October for me to train for (I still had hope back then that the triathlon would take place).

We have a number of new roles: November 2020

We are really excited to have a number of new job vacancies available. It’s a good sign that things are looking up.

Why you should add Alteryx to your bag of tricks…

Paul’s new blog about Alteryx explains all about how it works and how the tool simplifies and quickens data analysis. As well as it being the fastest growing analytics software company, it is also becoming an increasingly highly requested skillset from employers.

Steve smart casual

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go!

Now the summer holidays are over and we are back to work, will things ever get back to how they were? This blog explores my predictions for the future and how our working and personal lives may change.

Meg - apprentice at southport office

My first week as an apprentice

In her first blog for Red Tiger, new apprentice Meg Ashcroft shares her experience so far, why she chose to become an apprentice and how her first week in the job has gone…

student in silhouette

Algorithms Evolve – How human error, not Artificial Intelligence failed our A Level students

In a previous blog I waxed lyrical about how one benefit of COVID-19 has been the very clear use of data (not always the right data) and analytics/modelling to help drive decision making (not always the right decision!). Then the dominating UK news this week has been the right royal mess up over the A level results and the use of the ‘Algorithm’ to change some people’s final gradings, resulting in around 40% of results coming out lower than predicted.

hiking mountain

Getting out of your comfort zone

I started this blog pre-lockdown and since then both Steve’s Kilimanjaro and my Mallorca triathlon have been cancelled due to COVID-19. I thought it was still worth publishing anyway (As both Steve and I hope to do these events in 2021).

Recruiters are bound to say that moving roles and “getting out of your comfort zone” is a good thing to do as we would love people to move roles. More frequent job changes obviously means more money for recruiters, but I am honestly writing this without my recruiter hat on and backing this theory up with evidence as you will read below.

What did I achieve in lockdown?

I write this blog exactly 20 weeks into ‘lockdown’ and the headlines are still dominated by the continued impact of this virus. Whilst restrictions are being slowly lifted (and in some cases reinstated) it is clear that a return to our once ‘free’ lives is still a while off.

n my capacity as a recruiter I have been speaking to a wide range of people over the last 20 weeks, from candidates that are either working or furloughed to those who have been made redundant or in the process of redundancy. One common theme throughout these conversations is how people are coping with the impact of the virus and also how they are utilising the time to their advantage.

New office environments post covid

A workplace paradigm shift?

As companies prepare to return to normal, where staff will be expected to conduct their work?This blog outlines some of the observations I’ve had over the last few months and speculates as to how this virus will enable a significant shift in where we work and our work commute patterns.


Cash is King

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we’re in limbo at the moment? We are slowly adjusting to a post (high levels of..) COVID world where the shackles of lockdown are gradually being released (unless you live in Leicestershire).
It’s an ever changing situation; only yesterday I completed a consumer survey where I stated that I didn’t intend to go comparison goods shopping anytime soon. Read on for observations on my first shopping experience post lockdown and a candid assessment of Red Tiger’s financial situation.

Excel and spreadsheet training

It’s time to excel (at Excel)

Having spent over 25 years using Excel, I’ve realised that it permeates both my work and home life, but not everyone finds spreadsheets so easy to use. It can be difficult know what training is best and what you need to learn to help you make the most of this most versatile of tools!

Read on to find out about our new training Excel for Analysis program. We have a number of different dates and times available and early bird discounts!

Crystal ball

Post Lockdown – What are our predictions for the future?

Now I have finished with my review of how businesses and individuals have been coping, (Click to read Part One and Part Two of the New Normal) I thought I would conclude the final part with some predictions:

shopping centre

Data Analyst – Real Estate Investor

We don’t normally share job adverts on our website because we don’t need to. We have a great network of candidates and prefer to just pick up the phone and contact the people we think will be a great fit. However, we thought we’d buck that trend and share this Data Analyst role in London, because we hope this is a good sign of progress and things getting back to normal in the recruitment market.

Business Survival (and Triumph) in the face of Adversity

This second part to the ‘New Normal’ blog summarises my reflections from hundreds of conversations had in lockdown with friends, family, clients, candidates, strangers, basically anyone who will speak to me. It has been really interesting to hear how businesses, and individuals, have been coping with the challenges that currently present themselves in these strange times.

Most of us are in some sort of survival mode (perhaps this is where the ‘Stay Alert’ moniker comes from) – living day to day without much in the way of medium to long term future planning. This applies to businesses as well as individuals. This section will cover off staff related initiatives that businesses are doing in order to survive

The new normal (part one)

Coronavirus has impacted everyone’s lives over the last few months and I would imagine most people are well and truly bored of the subject. With lockdown slowly being lifted and we tentatively ease back into more flexible routines, I thought it would be an appropriate time to provide an irreverent summary of my thoughts.

male pattern baldness

The bald truth

Male pattern baldness came knocking early for me. I can most likely thank my Dad’s genes for that. When I was 19 years old my boss at the restaurant where I worked was walking down some stairs, with me walking in front, and he asked the question “Steve are you going bald?”. Fast forward a few hours and I was at home trying to view my crown with various mirrors in order to confirm my fears.

Halsalll family

Class of 2020

Final year GCSE and ‘A’ Level students across the UK will have a range of emotions on the back of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. These groups are to be known in this blog as the ‘Class of 2020’. Our household is no exception, with my stepson in year 13 and due to sit his A levels this summer. This blog takes my experiences and tries to present a balanced view of the issues impacting these two groups of students.

man on phone

Hey, how ya doin’? I’m sorry you couldn’t get through…

It has been an interesting month as a Recruitment Consultant, working without any live assignments. I did have one existing role until a couple of weeks ago, but I advised my client to pause it for now as it is unlikely that candidates will agree to a move during such uncertain times. It’s important that we all adapt to adversity and use this down time wisely. At Red Tiger we are using this time to get in contact with clients and candidates and to explore our training services. And this is what we’ve found…

Home is where the heart is

My home is where the heart is

Mark Thurstain-Goodwin of Geofutures Ltd published some insight on LinkedIn last week on the location of second homes and voiced his concerns about people leaving our cities to socially isolate in these second homes. This latest blog outlines two of Red Tiger Talent’s hypotheses on additional migrations caused by coronavirus. These are more qualitative observations, based on the conversations we have been having with candidates and clients over the last couple of weeks.

Coping with redundancy – Last person standing!

(please switch the lights off on the way out!) This is the final instalment in a series of three blogs tackling the subject of redundancy. Our first blog offered practical advice from an experience coach, Linda Steel. Read: Coping with redundancy:...
coping with kids at home

How to cope with working from home

The demands on our home as an office space have never been higher. The team at Red Tiger Talent are used to working from our home offices and have an appropriate setup to ensure that we can conduct our work in comfort and with minimal distraction. Critical to our collective wellbeing in the months ahead will be to adapt to a new work regime (if you are used to being in an office) and new ways of working (with a de-centralised workforce).

Guy working from home

Covid-19 and its impact on business

There is little doubt that we are living in unprecedented times – the months ahead are going to be challenging for everyone as we significantly change the way we live, and work, in order to cope with the Covid-19 crisis. In Part 1 of this blog about Coronavirus we highlighted some of the impacts that the virus has had on our own recruitment business, this part will look at some of the impacts on wider commercial business practices.

The impact of Covid-19 on the Working Population

We are now into the 3rd week of coronavirus (Covid-19) headlines here in the UK and it has been dominating everyone’s lives for the last few weeks.

Over the weekend the dinner table conversation was never far from coronavirus – the impact of the disease, from news of stockpiling to speculation on what the future holds. Topics like Brexit and the election seem like distant memories now.

Redundancy – A First-hand Account

This second blog on redundancy is documentary evidence from a candidate that we have supported through their redundancy process. They have asked to remain anonymous and we really do appreciate their honesty in sharing their thoughts for the benefit of others in a similar situation.


Coping with Redundancy: Advice from an experienced redundancy and life coach

This is the first blog in a series of three on Coping with Redundancy. Redundancy is, unfortunately, an all too regular experience in today’s commercial world and a significant cause of stress and anxiety for anyone who has been affected. This series draws on the experiences of three individuals (two guest bloggers to whom we are eternally grateful) and hopefully gives different points of view as well as practical advice if redundancy comes knocking on your door.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Salary Survey: why is it important to our industry?

This blog has been written as a reflection on the recent 2020 Salary Survey that Red Tiger Talent have been working on throughout December 2019 and January 2020 (with support from The Society for Location Analysis - www.thesla.org). It outlines the...
Adobe Stock Man in suit on beach

The Mental Health of Leaders

A few months ago, at his pre-match press conference, Jurgen Klopp was asked a question about his (and other managers’) mental health. From his reaction, he was quite surprised about the question topic (I suppose it makes a refreshing change to typical questions about player transfers or winning the premier league) and was genuinely touched that a member of the press appeared to show real concern about his and his fellow managers’ mental health.

Graduate focus – stand out from the crowd

This blog is aimed at providing students and recent graduates advice on their career. How can you stand out from the crowd? What can you do to enhance your chance of getting that dream job?

Many students today do not know what career they want to go into and there are a mix of those who are balancing the final year of study and looking for roles versus those who are fully focused on their final year of study. It’s easy for me to say, and it depends on your circumstances, but my overriding advice is don’t panic! And if you are feeling a bit lost, Red Tiger Talent offer consultations with students to help them in their careers.

Looking back from what has been a rapid 22 years since I graduated, I was very fortunate to do a degree course that provided modules that really interested me, but also gave me experience in the sector I gained my first role in; I joined GMAP as a Market Analyst in September 1997.

National Sickie Day

Happy National Sickie Day

I’m sure we’ve all been there, when we wake up one morning and have a slight tickle or sickly feeling but not really enough to warrant the day off work but we do anyway. We wrestle with the idea that we are definitely going down with something and the reasons why we may wish to pull a sickie: we don’t want to be responsible for introducing a bug into work, we don’t want to go all the way in to be sent back home. We plan our route of attack, who to inform (usually your line manager) and how to deliver the news.

How to manage your manager

Managing your manager

My overriding advice on this is to try and think from your managers point of view. Quite often it is hard for managers to delegate and also they will generally find most of their time is spent fire-fighting. So think to yourself “How can I make my managers working life easier”?

The true costs of Pay & Display parking

There are many well publicised factors driving the decline in our town centre retail and increased occupancy rates don’t help, but paying for parking is the bugbear of many.

Blue Monday in the New World Order

Today, is Blue Monday, which apparently is the most depressing day of the year. The causes are numerous, bad weather (well those of us who are UK based can all vouch for that), lack of money after the excesses of Xmas, or precisely the time when our self-improvement promises for New Year have fallen by the wayside.

winning at interview techniques

How to win at Interviews

It’s that time of year where some 2nd year undergraduates are going through the process of finding industrial placements for their 3rd year. This could be the first time you have had to do a formal interview and the stakes are high as industrial placements are often competitive.

The Working Dread

The ‘Working Dread’ comes into play when you realise, towards the end of an extended holiday period, that a return to work is just around the corner…

Keeping your profile up to date

As we talk to candidates about new roles or approach candidates we believe are suitable for opportunities one of the most common themes we come across is that the candidate doesn't have an up to date CV or in some cases no CV at all. In addition...

Dispelling Sales Roles Myths

Sales teams provide a vital role in the success of any business, they feed the top line. They effectively bridge the link between understanding the customer needs and the products and services a business offers to fulfil these needs. Their core...
data driven

Is Your Business Data Driven?

I have been working in Data and Analytics for 17 years and have seen many different ways to manage data and analytics across a business. Working in mature data driven businesses you realise that the legacy of having a lot of data in a business can...
sweet perception

Sweetest Perception

Have you ever been approached about a role at a company and been put off by your perception of the business?

Mindfulness really does work!

It’s #MentalHealthAwareness week and following on from Steve’s recent blog “The crying game” this is a personal blog about my mental health and how I cope with anxiety.   My sole reason for writing this blog is in the hope that just one...

The Crying Game

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without something in the news or our social media timelines about mental health. We are facing a mental health epidemic and it can affect you regardless of gender, affluence, race, age, location or working status.

Leaving on a high

Leaving on a High

Congratulations, you have been successful and have accepted an offer for a new job!  However after the initial buzz you realise that you have to have a potentially uncomfortable conversation with your soon to be former employer, and more...

The Top Six Benefits of Using a Recruiter

This follows on from my previous blog last year where I looked to dispel some myths surrounding recruiters and to demonstrate how a good recruiter can help candidates. This blog looks at the role of a recruiter from a client’s perspective.

vinyl countdown

The Vinyl Countdown

Vinyl nearly died in the mid 2000s, but today it accounts for nearly one in 10 of all physical purchases in the UK.

office balance

The Office Home Balance

It’s well documented how important it is to have a work life balance, and that people should work to live rather than the other way around. However, in this new world of greater flexibility and transient working, I have found it increasingly...

The Morning Routine

Building on my pre-Christmas blog entitled Switching Off from Work, and achieving that objective in 2018, for 2019 I set myself a new year's resolution to really plan my days better and more importantly develop a morning routine. We all know new...
digital world

Vietnam: A nation of Shopkeepers Going Digital

It is fast approaching 10 years when I was heading to China as part of a market exploratory team for Sainsbury's to see if the supermarket chain could create a sustainable & profitable proposition in the worlds second largest economy. Tesco,...
American money

The American Dream?

It is well publicised about the special relationship us Brits have with the United States but how easy does this translate when it comes to retail? Why do some retailers flourish both sides of the pond while others faulter? Do some retailers fall foul of poor economic timing? Or are they simply victims of arrogance and poor preparation? What is the key to the American retail dream?

Is Sustainability the Next Big Retail Trend?

Recently at Red Tiger Consulting we have been looking into retail trends for the year ahead, as many businesses in the retail sector have. Whilst a lot has been said about embracing the emergence of new technologies, engaging and experiential shopping and multi-channel retail; the universal prediction is that sustainability is going to be a big focus for this year.

CV tips

What Does a Recruiter Look For in a CV?

When it comes to advancing your career or looking for a new role your CV should work as a personal marketing leaflet for you. It is a way to connect with a potential employer before you meet them and, as they say, first impressions last. If your CV...
new year new career

New Year New Career?

The extended break over Christmas and New Year usually provides some personal time out for reflection, which may include thinking about making changes to your lifestyle or career. Red Tiger Talent sees a significant uplift in activity in the new...
New Year

Driving Efficiencies into the New Year

We have all been there, the depressing return to work after the Christmas break, everyone showing off their new attire (or tech!), and the general ‘did you have a good break?’ catch-ups over the desk divide or at the coffee machine.  These catch...
christmas wrapper

Christmas is a Wrap(per)

So Christmas is done for another year, and we hope you had an excellent one. All that is left now is extensive amounts of cardboard packaging and wrapping paper! Those of you with large families, particularly those of you with kids, will not appreciate the amount of waste that Christmas tends to generate.  A walk down any residential street after Christmas will see refuse bins overflowing with debris from the celebrations.

Xmas presents

Its Xmas, Xmas, Children Singing, Singing, Church Bells Ringing, Ringing…

I dream of a January 2019 where the news feeds are dominated by positive stories of retailers posting strong Xmas trading figures and looking forward to continued growth in the year ahead.  2018 has largely been dominated by negative stories...
festive networking

Seven Tips for Successful Festive Networking

As the Christmas carol classic Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly goes “’tis the season to be jolly”, so what better time of year to do some networking? Embrace the rounds of Christmas after work drinks, work parties and even festive networking...
career search at Christmas

5 Reasons to Stay Career Focussed Over Christmas

Are you thinking about the next move in your career, or currently looking for a job, but wondering whether it is worth keeping up the effort to job hunt over Christmas? It is a popular belief that companies will not be hiring over the festive...
mobile phone users

Living in a World of Digital Insanity

How many of you reach for the phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning? Don’t use the excuse of setting your alarm and switching it off! And how many of you think that a few minutes browsing news/twitter/Instagram/facebook is the...
switching off from work

Switching off from work

The last three months have been a revelation for me as I took the decision six months ago to consciously leave the big corporate world, at least for a while, and make some important lifestyle changes. Despite a love and passion for my job and...
women in data

Gender Equality at Work and Women in Data

I am excited to be speaking at the HER Plus Data (@herplusdatamcr) meet up, in Manchester, on Thursday. Having been asked to talk about some of the issues faced by women working in data I have been reflecting on my career, and various gender...
don't let life get in the way

Don’t let life get in the way of living

I talked in an earlier blog about my sedentary lifestyle and how this has prompted me to instigate a fundamental shift in behaviour.  If I don’t do something soon I will be firmly cementing myself into the cohort of middle aged men with growing...
dark store car park

Everyone’s going Dark….

A few years ago, everyone was talking about “Dark Stores” and the Brits were the pioneers, before the concept spread to France, central Europe and more recently North America. The term was so widely coined that it was added to the Oxford English...
Info graphic of recruiter

Finding a job – how a good recruiter can help

As I write this blog I am over 2 years into my career in recruitment, and I have learnt so much about the industry during this time.  Before I became a recruiter, I had been an analyst for over 15 years from conducting analysis on location planning...

The rush to roll out new grocery formats

There has been phenomenal media coverage in the past couple of weeks, as Tesco launch their new Jacks discount grocery format. The new look value stores are aimed at competing head to head with Aldi and Lidl. Much was the case in the United States...

The move to Bricks and Mortar

Last week, Amazon announced their ambitious plans to expand the “Go” convenience format, with its infamous “just walk out” technology, to 3,000 stores across the US by 2021. This is in addition to the numerous book stores, Amazon Fresh pick up...

Can a new restaurant be the catalyst for town centre regeneration?

Those of you who follow food and beverage (F&B) news in the North West may well have heard about Elite Bistro Group (EBG).  Headed up by refreshingly no-nonsense Gary Usher (folk who are not offended by flavoursome language check out...

The Death of Bricks and Mortar Retail

Coming from an analyst background, and now being a recruiter, I have worked a lot on location planning projects through the years. It is with a sense of sadness that I write this piece about possibly another nail in the coffin for high street...

Back to School – it is never too soon to think about a career!

I am sure you have all been subjected to the numerous photos of cute kids looking very smart, and excited, to be going to their first day back at school (never to be repeated for the rest of the year!) in your Facebook, twitter and Instagram feeds....

Walk on, Walk on, With Hope in Your Heart

Do you have colleagues that religiously take up to an hour out of their day to have a brisk stroll at lunch time?  Are these colleagues incessant on telling you their step goals and provide a daily update on how they well they are doing...

Walk the Walk ….. and Talk More

This blog entry was inspired by a walk to a client in the glorious sunshine, one morning in London. My mind wandered to how the scene before me would have differed from Victorian London.  I imagined a scene from Oliver Twist, where...

A changing tide – Big Data versus Location Analytics

What are the implications for Location Planning when Big Data and advancements in data visualisation have potentially surpassed the ‘wow’ factor of maps and location analytics? When I first started in Location Planning over 20 years...

2018 Survey of Salary & Benefits for Location Planning Practitioners

Happy New Year to all fellow location planners - we wish you all a successful and healthy 2018.  Red Tiger Consulting are delighted to announce that, in association with the Society for Location Analysis (SLA), the 2018 Survey of Salary &...

How 2017 has been a Gin-spirational year

The Red Tiger team feel that we have played a small contribution to the recent news that Gin has overtaken Whiskey and Vodka as the UK's preferred drink, as we have had a gin-spirational year.  Apparently Britons bought a record 47 million bottles...

Equal Pay Day – Friday 10th November

As of Friday 10th November women effectively work for free for the rest of the year. This is due to the current gender pay gap between women and men. This pay gap averages out to 18.4 % and has been the same since 2015, despite an Equal pay act...

Flexible Working – Trust is all you need

If, like me, you are parents of young children, I am sure you face the daily challenges of balancing parenthood/home life with work pressures. Businesses constantly want more, for less, and are fighting for precious time with our personal...