9 January 2023

Setting Your 2023 New Years Goals & Resolutions: Make them SMART and Right for You

Chloe Feather

Red Tiger Consulting


Last year (and the year before that) most of us at Red Tiger set individual goals to accomplish throughout the year, each to varying levels of success. Setting goals and resolutions in the new year is very common, but perhaps it’s time to rethink what you’re setting out to achieve. You want to make sure the goals you create for yourself are not only SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound), but are actually things you want and are beneficial for you individually.

No more generic ‘read more’, ‘drink less alcohol’, ‘go to the gym’. If you are setting goals for 2023, take some time now to reflect on what you want your lifestyle, habits, achievements to look like by the end of the year, and what specifically is going to help you get there. We are sharing our individual goals, as perhaps this might give you some inspiration!

Steve’s Goals

After falling short on my 2022 goals – particularly failing on my podcast and book reading objectives I have decided to not go overboard on 2023 goals.

Personally I don’t want to set any stretch objectives but in terms of specifics this year I would like:

  • Plan and launch a Red Tiger podcast
  • Get fit for a big birthday in the middle of this year
  • Make progress with my book

Paul’s Goals

I don’t think I am going to set many strict ‘goals’ for myself this year, though there are a few things I know I want to accomplish:

  • Become a qualified coach (I’m currently taking the Barefoot ICF/Post-Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching training course)
  • Compete in more open water swim races

Chloe’s Goals

As someone who is very goal-oriented and likes to set lots of resolutions in the new year, I have tried to make them more manageable for 2023. I have separated my goals out into categories: fitness, finance, lifestyle, personal growth, and reading. Many of these specific goals have some value for me to track, and I have also decided to break them down for each quarter (making the loftier year-long goals appear less daunting!). Some examples are:

2023 new year goals and resolutions
Some of Chloe’s goals in her journal – writing out your resolutions or objectives can help!
  • Complete a 30 day yoga challenge
  • Listen to a podcast episode every week (some of my current favourites are Should I Delete That?, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, and On Purpose with Jay Shetty).
  • Read 40 books (which I have separated into physical fiction, non-fiction, and NetGalley e-ARC!)
  • Have a purposeful self-care/mental health day once a month

Have you decided to set any goals or resolutions for 2023? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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Published by Chloe Feather

Chloe is a recent Human Geography graduate from the University of Leeds, working as Red Tiger’s Research and Marketing Manager


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