8 July 2022

My First Week Working at Red Tiger as an Apprentice

Grace Clarke

Red Tiger Consulting


I began my A levels (Business, Religious Studies and Psychology) at sixth form in September 2021 and realised I wanted to take a different route. As I was part of the COVID GCSE years I struggled with going back to in-person school and the major change from GCSE to A Level work.

As a more practical learner I started researching more into apprenticeships, and it took a while to find a role I thought would be well suited to me. After applying for some apprenticeships online, I was approached by a recruitment company who showed me a variety of roles in my desired qualification (Business Administration Level 3) and I was particularly interested in the role advertised at Red Tiger Consulting.

apprentice work from home first week of work
Working from home is quite common for many teams nowadays!

I did my initial interview with Chloe and Paul over Microsoft Teams and was then invited to a second interview with Steve. Later I received a call and was told they had decided to give me the job before even having a 2nd interview. The more I was told about the role the more interested I was. The remote working/learning and the role of research and marketing apprentice was exactly what I was looking for in an apprenticeship!

First Week of Work as an Apprentice!

My first week began with Chloe visiting me at my home in Yorkshire, who set me up with my new laptop and explained a bit further about my role within Red Tiger and the background of the company. Then we proceeded to join the morning meetings with Steve and Paul. For the rest of the day I took part in training videos to help aid my knowledge in one of the software we use for the recruitment process.

On my second day Paul visited me to further explain and introduce me to Red Tiger. He showed me through the processes involved in my job role as a research and marketing apprentice. He then kindly took me to lunch at a local pub.

The rest of my week consisted of taking part in the Red Tiger Talent Intermediate Excel course and the corresponding work booklet, completing training courses and then beginning to start and familiarise myself with the searches involved in the recruitment process. I learnt a lot of new information in my first week but didn’t feel overwhelmed as I found the structure of the learning very helpful as I was able to put this into practice with the apprenticeship learning structure.

I had a great first week in my new role and over the duration of my apprenticeship I am hoping to become more confident in my role and the processes of recruitment and through more training and experience become more advanced in the systems used in my role.

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Published by Grace Clarke

After not enjoying the conventional learning route of sixth form Grace has begun her new role as a research and marketing apprentice with Red Tiger and will be completing her business administration level 3 qualification. Her role will include assisting with the recruitment and marketing processes.


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