Salary Survey 2022!

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There are only a few weeks to go until we release our 4th Bi-Annual Location Planning & Customer Insight Practitioners’ Survey of Salary and Benefits, supported by the Society for Location Analysis. Be sure to keep an eye out in your inbox around January 4th for when we will be sharing the survey with you to complete.

Our last survey in 2020 recorded 217 responses, and so we’re aiming to smash 250 responses this year! You can find the report, SLA presentation and key tables from 2020 in the link below:

There are some key potential changes in the upcoming survey that are of particular interest:

  • Will the industry see evidence of wage deflation on the back of the pandemic?
  • Has there been a narrowing of the gender pay gap?
  • Will there be as anticipated a great resignation in 2022?
  • Are practitioners still satisfied with their overall salary and benefits package?

Your survey responses will be invaluable in reporting key findings along these areas, so don’t forget to complete the survey & share with others that may also want to do the survey too!

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