Revisiting our 2021 Objectives

Ruth Holroyd

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We thought we’d take a look at the 2021 objectives and goals we set at the beginning of this year to see how we’ve been getting on.

So here goes, highlighted in Green are the objectives we’ve smashed! In Amber, the ones we’re working on and in Red the ones that we’ve stalled and need to review!

Steve’s 2021 Objectives

All the best laid plans and all that. I am pretty confident I will at least convert the oranges to greens over the summer. I need to catch up on my book reading – it has stalled a little bit but I’m hoping to play catch up between now and the start of September. The gigs are in the hands of Covid really – and I haven’t given myself the best chance with the 8 I have scheduled between now and the end of this year – they are all indoor!

  1. Book week (every week) – I will be reading a range of both fiction and non-fiction books this year with the objective of at least 52 books read in 2021.  Any recommendations are welcome.
  2. Look smart, feel smart – I have not been making the effort every day during lockdown 2020 to look and feel the part, particularly during the working week.  Now my old t-shirts and scruffy hoodies are banished from my workwear wardrobe as I adopt a smart casual ‘Pep Guardiola’ look for my working days (well that was my justification on spending money in the January sales!). (Lasted about a week!)
  3. Write a book – I will write it, topic to be confirmed, whether I can publish it will be a different story but I will write one in 2021.
  4. Do a podcast – Some claim Podcasts are falling out of favour due to reduced time commuting but my podcast consumption has only increased in 2020.   I’m late to the party but I will jump on this particular bandwagon.
  5. Tell (more of) the world about how Red Tiger Coaching can really help individuals achieve their business goals and see that come to fruition with more tangible testimonials on the value we provide.
  6. Go to a live gig (again) – Surely the re-scheduled, re-scheduled gigs that were originally planned for 2020 will happen later this year?!
  7. Sit at a bar and chat with friends – says it all really.  Value the small liberties!
  8. Learn how to SUP (that’s Stand Up Paddleboard) – I tried, and failed, on Anglesey in the summer – I’m ready to give it another go once we get to warmer weather (and when I have lost enough weight to be able to get into my wet suit!).
  9. Spend more quality time with my kids – My kids are growing up so fast that before you know it they will be adults.  This time is going in an instant and I need to be more present (particularly away from other distractions like phone!) if I am to encourage them to do the same.
  10. Feel the warmth of the sun somewhere, preferably on foreign shores. (Not foreign shores but the sun on my face while climbing Helvellyn was a pretty good memory.)

Paul’s 2021 Objectives

Although these are objectives for 2021, I would like to make most of these new habits and not slip back into bad ones – I am particularly keen on continuing and improving on 1, 8 & 10. With my wife soon to be off for the summer I am hoping to have more time for all these objectives as usually days are pretty hectic looking after 2 dogs, running a business and getting 2 kids to and from school 🙂

  1. Spend more quality time with my daughters by finding things that they like to do (And some of which I don’t like to do) – schedule some days even if shopping and lunching with one, learn to draw with my arty daughter and go out for beers with the eldest two
  2. Go to a live gig – hopefully more than 1 – 3x festivals lined up but have my doubts they will go ahead – if they don’t make sure I go to at least one gig before end of year.
  3. Sit at a bar with the dogs/dog and family/friends – make sure I visit the 2x Beer Dens
  4. Finish learning to swim so I am at the level required for triathlon (ie able to swim a mile front crawl without stopping)
  5. Cycle over 100 miles in one day
  6. Relax more – I felt close to burnout towards xmas – make more ME time
  7. Work more efficiently rather than longer – find ways to cut corners without losing quality, make sure effective meetings
  8. Yoga and/or meditate each day
  9. Look at news/twitter a lot less – I find myself expending too much time and energy looking at news feeds
  10. I need to be more strict with work and down-time – switch phone off, check emails less (have say 2 times a day to check emails) don’t constantly think of things to do, try not to work weekends

Ruth’s 2021 Objectives

I’m pleased with the ones I’ve managed to achieve but in hindsight think I set some tough ones. My skin has been challenging and I think this is the main reason I’ve not been running or walking as much as I’d like. Mornings are still a real struggle and I’ve been feeling so exhausted. I think that is changing slowly as my skin heals and I would still like to try to start my days with a walk and a meditation. I’ve not manged this at all, instead prioritising sleep and rest. Sometimes just doing what you can is enough but I think both walking and meditation will be beneficial because I’ve managed it before and found it very grounding, calming and healing.

I always look back each year and am proud if I only tackle one thing and sometimes it takes me years to tackle some of the hard things… but I get there.

  1. New Book – Publish my second book of poems by end of March 2021Publishing my second book was a huge achievement for me and I’m so proud of it and the feedback has been so amazing.
  2. First Book – Promote My first book with some giveaways for the new year
  3. Run and walk into 2021– set my alarm and try to do some early morning walks or runs. I love that first part of the day as the sun rises but have been missing it due to over sleeping and fatigue. It’s then easy to get stuck into work, use the weather as an excuse and just not get around to getting outside!
  4. Get on top of sleep – Go to bed earlier, reintroduce positive sleep tactics and get better sleep.
  5. Meditate daily – morning if possible. I use the Calm app and am currently on a 38 day streak of meditations or relaxation sessions of some sort. It really helps me with my mental health, anxiety and positivity so I want to continue with this, but try to really come to the mat with focus and calm mind.
  6. Yoga – has got me through 2020 so I really want to continue with this. It’s hard to motivate myself sometimes so I’m going to set some time in my diary with myself to get my practice done. I know how much it helps and how much I love it. I use Adrienne on YouTube and have two lovely yoga teachers who do classes on Zoom so I have no excuses!Doing yoga daily has been really positive. By making myself accountable, I now meet a group of girlfriends on Zoom every day at 6pm to do a yoga class online together. I have now done continuous yoga for over 100 days and find that now I’ve created a habit, I need to make the time on the mat, even if that’s just ten minutes.
  7. I WANT A HUG! This is one of the things I am missing most – any kind of human contact. As someone who lives alone this is really hitting me now. I don’t come from a tactile family but I really miss hugs.
  8. Read more! I seem to have lost the art of reading properly. I’ve been devouring audio books and podcasts because my brain can cope with that. But I have been really missing the pure escapism that reading books gives me.  As part of my plan to promote my book I’m building my Goodreads profile so want to start reading again. And I mean back to the 4 books a month that I used to manage! Let’s do this!
  9. Self care focus – Like Paul I felt close to burnout at the end of 2020 and had a complete downtime over Christmas. No work and little blogging. It really helped, but I need to work this properly into my day to day routines
  10. Focus on my skin – Some of you may know I cut out Topical Steroids about two years ago. My skin has deteriorated into a flare and inflammation period since December and it’s getting worse. It’s hard to deal with, to juggle work, life admin and self care and skin care.  But I’m still healing and I need to be kind to myself and give myself a break. 2021 is going to be a year of eating better, foods for less inflammation, going vegan-ish where I can, less alcohol and self love. I will get through this.
  11. Get a mentor – I’d love to have a mentor, someone to be accountable to for both work, my book publishing and perhaps also my skin. So I’m looking for someone to fill each of these shoes in 2021. I’d also like to offer my services to anyone who would like a mentor themselves.

We’re not doing too badly since we are only half way through the year. Plenty of time to pick up on some of these tricky goals that we’ve not managed to get very far with.

Did you write objectives this year? Have a look back and see how you to got on.

We’d love to hear from you, do you set them? Have you stuck to them?

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

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