22 January 2021

What I learnt on the Intermediate Excel for Analysis training course…

Meg Ashcroft

Red Tiger Consulting


Other than for extremely basic calculations at school, I’d never really been taught how to use Excel, so when Steve and Paul suggested I attend the course as part of my induction I was interested in learning more and gaining a valuable skill. I believe it’s very beneficial to be trained in Excel as it is such an important skill to possess, and is used in a lot of daily, vital tasks at work. I felt the course at Red Tiger gave me the perfect opportunity to grasp basic and more advanced skills to practice and develop as I continue my career.

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What did I learn on the Excel training course?

The course covers everything from the basic ‘SUM’ function to more complicated formulas like ‘VLOOKUP’ and ‘CONCAT’. With the steady, easy-to-follow pace of the course, I learnt a range of different level skills, in a relatively short amount of time. The introduction to some basic skills at the beginning of the course helped me, as a beginner, to become comfortable with the essential skills and functions to use Excel.

Throughout the course, the content progressively became more advanced, finishing with more complicated skills such as pivot tables. Despite these being much more tougher skills, Steve and Paul explained them in a detailed yet straightforward way, so even I (a novice) could follow the instructions easily. By learning this range of different skills, I was able to learn how to sort data, and how to use functions in order to read and find certain pieces of data or information within the spreadsheet.

The Best Bits

The best part, in my opinion, is the post-course workbook which includes a set of data and instructions to complete the spreadsheet in order to practice your newly learnt skills. I feel it really helped me consolidate the skills taught in the course, as I was able to practice them within a realistic dataset. Once sending it through, the feedback I received from Steve helped further as I was given tips on how to improve the whole look of the spreadsheet by making it look more professional. After completing this I received a certificate, which makes the course even more worthwhile, as you have proof of your newly learnt skills.

Would I recommend this Excel course?

I would most definitely recommend this course, it is highly informative and easy-to-follow, and I feel I will value it in years to come as I continue to develop the skills. Paul and Steve are exceptional in ensuring everyone is keeping up and understanding, so I never felt like I was falling behind or losing track. The post-course workbook is a brilliant way to practice the skills, and the instructions that came with it are extremely helpful in order to help complete the exercise. The range of skills I think were great, as it starts basic and progressively gets more advanced, with each function being thoroughly explained throughout.

I really value what I learnt in the course, as Excel skills are so important and relevant within the workplace. As well as Excel training being useful for work, I also feel it will be valuable in personal life, with things such as budgeting money and planning revision.

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