3 December 2018

5 Reasons to Stay Career Focussed Over Christmas

Victoria Halsall

Red Tiger Consulting


Are you thinking about the next move in your career, or currently looking for a job, but wondering whether it is worth keeping up the effort to job hunt over Christmas?

It is a popular belief that companies will not be hiring over the festive period, due to candidates potentially being off on holiday, or hiring managers being too disrupted with seasonal commitments. However don’t be put off as this blog outlines five reasons to stay career focussed over Christmas.

1. Companies are still hiring

Contrary to some thinking, the process of hiring for roles within companies may slow down at this time of year, as employees take time off for Christmas, but it does not grind to a halt entirely. Many companies have year end targets and budgets for hiring that coincide with the calendar year end.

This means there will be a focus on getting interviews organised, and positions filled, before everyone takes time of between Christmas and New Year. Work load may slow down over the festive period which gives more time to concentrate on filling those roles that have been needed for a while.

2. Get ahead of the competition

Due to the popular misconception that companies are not hiring over Christmas other job seekers may be resting on their laurels, concentrating on festivities or visiting family.  Companies will always have talent requirements, and this gives you the advantage as hiring managers will be easier to reach, and there will be less competition for the role.

3. Amazing networking opportunities

Take advantage of the Christmas spirit and get networking. There are many opportunities to attend social and business functions where you could connect with people who can help you with your career.

Your peers and contacts work schedules may be less busy and potential hiring managers may have time for an informal chat. Once you have connected socially then it’s a good time to make contacts on linked in and twitter.

4. Start the New Year New Career early

Set your career goals for the New Year early, take the time to format a targeted approach to the next step by researching some potential companies.

Get your CV dusted off or maybe even give it a revamp with some of the spare time during the quiet work period leading up to Christmas. Think how good it would be to start the New Year with your career organised and a new role in place.

5. Stand out from the crowd

Continuing your career search over the Christmas period gives a positive impression of your drive and tenacity.

Being able to successfully job hunt and still attend the festive celebrations shows your organisational and networking skills and anyone willing to forgo mulled wine and mince pies in order to get a jump on the career ladder will make a dedicated team member with a good sense of priority.

At Red Tiger Talent we are continually searching  for talented, career driven and focused analysts and consultants. We specialise in roles within the fields of location planning, property research, economic research and customer insight professionals.

If you have some time over Christmas to dedicate to the next step in your career then why not get in touch?  Red Tiger Talent will be available for informal career chats, CV and interview advice and we have a large range of roles that may not be advertised.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare to get ahead of the New Year job rush.

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Published by Victoria Halsall

Former Marketing Manager for Red Tiger Talent, now a full time secondary school teacher.


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