2018 Survey of Salary & Benefits for Location Planning Practitioners

Happy New Year to all fellow location planners – we wish you all a successful and healthy 2018.  Red Tiger Consulting are delighted to announce that, in association with the Society for Location Analysis (SLA), the 2018 Survey of Salary & Benefits for Location Planning Practitioners is now officially live.  This survey helps managers and practitioners benchmark themselves, or their teams, in relation to salaries and benefits across the UK industry.

The idea for this survey was conceived three years ago when I was leader of a large team but lacked robust, comparable industry statistics in support of my internal salary and performance review process.  Whilst the team I was responsible for did have relatively low attrition rates it is still a disruption when key members of the team moved on to pastures new.

The survey has many potential uses:

  • provide individuals with an evidence base to use in their salary review process
  • enable graduates to better understand their earning potential depending on industry/location
  • support managers and HR department with an evidence base with which to plan salaries relative to grade, to ensure they remain competitive
  • assist practitioners to better understand whether a change in role/industry will result in desired improvements in remuneration
  • help the industry (and industry bodies like the SLA) to better understand the reward structure of practitioners, and particularly how it has changed over time

The survey results are strictly anonymous and will only be used in aggregate form, with the results due for release in Spring 2018.

If you are a location planner, or use location based data in your current role, please take time to click the link below to complete the survey, your input is absolutely critical to the success of this initiative:


Thanks in advance


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