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The location planning industry in the UK has been established for a number of decades and there are hundreds of location planners plying their trade for a range of companies both in the UK and overseas.  Whether you work for a consultancy, a retailer, telco, bank or in public sector this is your opportunity to contribute to the most definitive anonymous survey of its kind for location planners.

Established organisations such as the SLA (Society for Location Analysis) and the SPR (Society for Property Research), the long running RLA (Retail Location Analysis) course by Said Business School, numerous books on the subject, and a range of university courses that focus on location analysis all help with a sense of community, sharing of knowledge and best practice – however there is very little published information on the careers of location planners.

Red Tiger Consulting, in consultation with the SLA, have launched an online, anonymous survey that will establish an authoritative view on the industry from a salary and benefits perspective.  This is the first of a number of initiatives by Red Tiger Consulting to establish a research programme dedicated to Location Planning from a talent and skills perspective.

Please feel free to share or like this post to encourage your colleagues and peers to participate – it will take no more than 4 minutes to complete – your input is extremely valuable.  The deadline for completion is Monday 25th January 2016.

Link below:

If you have missed the deadline (please check the link anyway as we may have extended the deadline) please drop us an email to request a copy of the Executive summary report.

Let’s start talking!

Published by Steve Halsall

Steve is the founder of Red Tiger Consulting. He has worked in Location Planning for over 20 years – both on the consultancy side and client side. His passion is building successful teams that evolve their capability (skills, software and data) to meet the ever changing requirements of analysis. In his spare time he is mainly kept busy with his two children, falling in and out of love with Liverpool FC and at some point he wants to re-start his golfing ‘career’.


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