Specialist recruiters in technical & analytics roles to support your hiring or job seeking needs.


Coaching people to rediscover their confidence, create a positive mindset and realise their potential.


Offering a range of technical and soft skills training to improve confidence and productivity.


Advisory services to support you in the best use of data, technology, and models to drive business decisions.

Our founding ethos is on developing exceptional people to have fulfilling and rewarding careers

Red Tiger Talent

We are analysts turned recruiters, sourcing analytics and management talent in:

Location Planning


Property Research

Economic Research

Consumer Insight

Town Planning

Some of our clients:

Red Tiger Coaching

Looking for a Business or Life Coach?

Our mission at Red Tiger Coaching is to be the go-to organisation that coaches people to rediscover their confidence and self-belief, to create a positive mindset and realise their potential to develop and grow themselves.

Red Tiger Training

We have 4 flagship Excel training courses:

Basic Excel

Intermediate Excel for Analysis

Advanced Excel for Analysis

Advanced Excel for Visualisation

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